Introduction to Resources

Taking Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 as a framework, teaching and learning materials on this website are designed to help TVET teachers develop students’ generic green skills so they understand the concepts, issues and solutions needed for greening industries in order to reach the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Our passion for wanting to make the world a better place to live and work provided us with the impetus to research and design these resources. Twenty-one concepts related to ten SDGs are thoroughly covered in the resources. More concepts and resources will be added in the future.

In addition to SDG-based concepts, our resources include concept-related issues and solutions suggested by different industries and which are presented as case studies from Hong Kong and other countries. Concepts are explained in information sheets, and their learning is reinforced in the suggested learning activities and approaches to teaching. Industry based case studies, relevant to SDGs concepts, also include student activity sheets and teacher guidelines, so that students will not only learn the concepts, they will also learn about solutions put forward by different industries.

The resources on this website include

  • Information sheets about concepts, student activity sheets and teacher guidelines, based on the concept information sheet
  • Industry based case studies related to the concepts and activity sheets for students, as well as teacher guidelines for each case study to explore and explain how particular concepts are reflected in the real-world industrial context

All the resources effectively assist with the development of generic green skills that are essential for greening our economies and societies.

Resources on this website can be found in a number of ways. First they can be found under SDGs, but they are also arranged under industries and dimensions of sustainability, namely environmental, eco-economic and socio-environmental. So the main concepts and issues addressed by these resources are related to the environmental dimension of sustainability, however, economic and social change is also essential for achieving SDGs.

Although these materials have been designed with the purpose of integrating generic green skills into technical and vocational education classrooms, they can also be used for lesson plans in all schools, as well as for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) teacher training. Six days of TVET teacher training program have been developed and can be delivered direct to your organization. Please contact us with your requirements at