Additional Resources and Useful Links

Under this tab, there are additional resources that might be useful for designing your own teaching and learning materials or to provide additional background information for you and your students. They are structured under the following sections:

  • Case studies from different countries
  • Links to useful websites:[ clickable] here you will find links related to website resources that are classified under green policy, green skills, green pedagogy, green technology and green TVET.  Also we have links related to the greening of different industries, construction, manufacturing and retail, food and beverage, fashion, electronics, oil and gas, tourism, agriculture and automotive
  • Industry-based examples: [ clickable]  here you will find examples from industries that are not included in the main resources section, but which can be used as additional readings for you and your students
  • Greening TVET: [ clickable] here you will find examples of greening TVET institutions
  • Company approaches: [ clickable]  here you will find examples from companies that have applied a holistic perspective for greening and that focus on different aspects of greening in their practice