Sustainable Issues

The advance of technology and industries has resulted in the modernization of societies, but it is also responsible for a wide range of environmental problems such as climatic conditions, a loss of biodiversity and worsening human health. Issues that impact the sustainability of our planet are related to environmental, economic and social aspects. The 2030 Agenda's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) cover a wide range of interrelated issues, such as transitioning to low-carbon economies, increasing production and consumption in a sustainable manner, conserving biodiversity, building human resource capacity, forging strong partnerships between stakeholders and tackling regional problems collaboratively.

However, these resources are mainly focused on the environmental, eco-economic and socio-environmental aspects of sustainability. It is important to also acknowledge that economic and social dimensions are essential for achieving SDGs.

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The UN agenda emphasizes achieving economic development, peace and human security, inclusive human development and environmental sustainability. In order to achieve these goals, it is important to act constructively towards utilizing and managing natural resources, working towards peace, building resilience to natural disasters, implementing human rights law regardless of people’s background, securing and promoting access to food, health and education services for all, as well as conserving biodiversity, stabilizing the climate and providing access to sanitary and clean water services throughout the world

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