Greening Industries

Greening industries is essential for green restructuring and sustainable development. The process involves policymaking, improved industrial production processes and resource-efficient productivity (see The minimization of raw material use, a reduction in energy and water consumption, and control over waste and emissions will result in the efficient use of natural resources and will foster cleaner production. Cleaner production accelerates the use of preventive environmental strategies involved in processes, products and services, in order to increase efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment (see ibid).

Case studies from different industry sectors, which are included in these resources, highlight issues and possible solutions adopted by industries.

To work towards these greening processes, industries need people who are capable of understanding environmental issues and who are able to transfer that understanding into greener work practices, because shifting towards a ‘circular economy’ requires innovative processes of recycling, renewing, renting and remanufacturing in workplaces.

Practicing low-impact and clean production processes, as well as using available natural resources efficiently need to become routine practices in all industry sectors.