About us

We have analyzed different concepts and existing challenges associated with those skills required to support the implementation of sustainable development goals. Our particular focus was on generic green skills that are needed for every occupation for the purposes of green economic restructuring.

The research part of the project that collected data on concepts, issues and practices at TVET institutions and TVET teacher training programs in Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region was supported by Dr Mahyuddin bin Arsat (post-doctoral student) and Ms Emily Lok Sze Cheung (research assistant).

A number of issues were identified by this research:

  1. Generic green skills are the fundamental soft skills needed for all occupations to support green economic restructuring, but there is a lack of appropriate resources in TVET classrooms to develop these skills
  2. TVET teachers have a limited capacity to adopt more student-centered and problem-based pedagogies that are needed to tackle sustainable development challenges
  3. Until now TVET teacher education programs have addressed sustainable development and the greening agenda in very limited ways
  4. There is a noticeable absence of the inclusion of essential concepts, such as the closed loop economy and others, in teaching processes

These findings inspire us to develop teaching and learning resources that are included on this webpage. Two PhD students, Ms Christy Shimin Chen and Ms Aysuhan Tuba Saral, are the core members of the team who contributed to the design of these teaching and learning packages.

We hope this online platform can assist with the realization of sustainable development goals by equipping you and your students with necessary generic green skills for the future.

We welcome any comments that might help us improve resources. We also encourage you to share any case studies and other teaching and learning materials with us, so we can work together for a more sustainable future